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Material Hauling:

Material Hauling
6 Tandem Dump Trucks
to move your materials


With 6 tandem dump trucks and 3 pup trailers we can haul whatever your need requires and we are happy to travel up and down the Island to obtain any specialty material and deliver it to you. A tandem dump truck holds up to 12 yards and a pup trailer holds an additional 10 yards. That’s a lot of material! Our specialists can advise you what is best to suit your needs in the most cost effective way. In many cases, arrangements can be made for evening or weekend deliveries should you require after hours service and we are very flexible in our hours and are happy to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.

Just some of the materials we can provide include; pit run, sand, 3/4 inch and 3 inch road base, recycled asphalt, hot asphalt, crushed concrete, screenings, drain rock, blasted rock, fill, and river rock are examples of what can be obtained. For your gardening needs we haul top soil, compost, wood chips, sea soil and bark mulch. Need a specialty item? Talk to us! We can make arrangements to haul from any pit in town or from our own in house material sales. Need the materials spread after delivery, let us know in advance, we can certainly help and may be able to spread it right from the truck.

Material Sales:

Material Sales
From small to large
let us help you


We keep all the materials you could possibly need on hand in our yard to ensure that we can accommodate your demand at any time. We specialize in a variety of material to help you in the completion of your projects. If only a little material is needed, you are more than welcome to pay by the yard and haul it away yourself or if you require, we can even deliver smaller orders. For larger orders, we can accommodate pretty well any size and our tandem truck and trailers can deliver up to 22 yards in a single trip. That really keeps the delivery costs to a minimum as we can deliver a large amount of material in one trip.

Split wood can also be purchased by the cord. This can be delivered as a contract price or you can just pay for the wood and haul it away. Please contact us at 250-217-5380 to arrange for material sales.

Materials we have on hand:

Material Spreading

Need it spread
We can do that too!


In many cases we are able to help spread your material. Ask our professional drivers if it’s possible to alleviate some of the laborious work by spreading road base on your driveway or top soil on your yard. The trucks are all equipped with special chains which help in this. It won’t make all the work go away but it can certainly help.

If you would like your materials spread completely, this also can be arranged. While the trucks are capable of doing a pretty good job of evenly spreading out the piles, sometimes you need it moved around and spread out perfectly. We would be happy to help you out by using one of our machines to work the materials into your space. This can be done at a very reasonable price.

Land Clearing, Stump Removing, Earth Moving, Fill Removal, Creation of flat land, Dumpsites

Land Clearing
No matter how big
we can do the job!


Our large equipment makes land clearing easy. Stumps, brush, debris can all be cleared and removed quickly, we have the equipment to do it all. Large or small areas can be accommodated by different equipment and we can rough in areas or even groom it for landscaping.

Put in a garden, move rocks around, create a rock dividing wall, whatever your need requires we have the expertise and the equipment to get the job done right.

Want to create flat land? Sometimes it is as easy as moving material from one area of your property to another. Other times rock or fill is needed and we can either remove material or bring it to you. The creation of flat land can be obtained by removing excess material, in other cases the filling in of small crevices or large areas can also help create more useable land.

If you have a large area and wish to create more useable land you can arrange to be one of our clean fill dumpsites. This can be a fast or slow process depending on the requirements of yourself and the availability of the material to be hauled in. Talk over your requirements with Todd at 250-217-5380 and the type of material you wish to be delivered. This material will then be hauled to you free of charge. This can be a very inexpensive way of creating flat land and beautifying your property.

Excavation/Land and Building Preparation

Building a house?
Let us prepare the site!


Land excavation and land preparation for new structures. We work with professional blasters in the placement of blasting mats in the facilitation of their work. Work with surveyors and engineers to ensure accuracy in building land preparation.

Dig services for new construction. Backfill forms. Work with all professionals in the construction industry to ensure site accuracy.

Dig ponds and rain gardens.

We have both large and smaller excavators to handle all of your job requirements

House and Structure Demolitions

We work with qualified hazardous disposal companies to properly remove and dispose of all hazardous materials. Once the hazardous material has been removed from the premises we can then proceed with the demolition of the structure. Removal and clearing of the debris make way for the land preparation of your new dream home, structure or garage.

Driveway Construction and Repair

Excavate existing driveways by removing old asphalt or concrete. Dispose of the old material to make way for driveway preparation. Leveling, to ensure the ultimate preparation for the chosen surface.

We can rough in of roads and driveways into undeveloped land. Building up with rock and working with blasters when needed to ensure a solid foundation. Laying and preparing a solid foundation for concrete or asphalt. Or haul in material for the finished surface including 3/4 inch road base or recycled asphalt.

Contract or hourly prices available. Please call Todd at 250-217-5380.

Commercial Snow Removal

Seasonal snow removal available upon request performed by professional staff members. Salt and sand deliveries also hauled to meet your seasonal snow removal needs. We are a professional group who are happy to tend to your parking lot needs ensuring that it is cleared early morning in a timely and efficient manner. Our Case Skid Steer will do the job.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. Call Todd 250-217-5380.

Low Bed Service

Need it moved?
We can do it!


Excavator, backhoe and other equipment moves available upon request. If you need it moved and it fits on our trailer, we will take it to wherever you might need it to go. Contract and hourly prices available including flexible hours. Please contact Todd at 250-217-5380.

Rain Gardens/Rock Walls/Ponds

Rain gardens are a hole which allows for rainwater runoff. They allow rain to soak into the ground thus reducing surface water which can cause erosion or flooding. We can handle the digging and the hauling of material needed to make your rain garden.

Ponds can also be dug for decorative purposes or and practical ones. A large pond is a collection of water which can be used for irrigation purposes or for fire safety. Smaller ones can add so much to your home and garden.

Rocks may be arranged to make a rustic rock wall. They add beauty and functionality.